Harbhajan Singh’s Wedding Collection with Voganow’s Leather Footwear

by Sunny Rattanpal on Nov 10, 2015

Harbhajan Singh’s Wedding Collection with Voganow’s Leather Footwear

Voganow is a brand that has always been synonmous with luxury and style. Many Celebs, including a galaxy of stars from Bollywood and Indian Cricket, consciously use Shoes and various accessories from Bareskin and Brune for their wedding functions and official parties. We were not kidding when we said Celebs love our footwear. Last week Voganow got its biggest appreciation when Harbhajan Singh sported different pairs of Voganow footwear at all his wedding functions. We thank Harbhajan Singh for his continued patronage of our brands and our products.

You can have a wedding the celeb style by including Voganow’s classic and trendy Leather footwear collection in your wedding trousseau. Here are the footwear that Harbhajan Singh wore on various occasions for his wedding.

Men’s Leather Formal Shoes

Harbhajan Singh Weeding’s Footwear – Brown Leather Shoe

Sangeets involve a lot of dancing and moving around. The attire not only has to be stylish but comfortable too. Same goes for the shoes. The tan colored leather shoes worn by Harbhajan Singh on the occasion of his and Geeta Basra’s Sangeet Ceremony were a custom made affair. They were made in tan colored leather in the Brogue style, by Brune, to suit his light pink kurta and pink modi jacket. The leather shoes had a characteristic dark brown shaded tip to give the shoes an overall blended look. Harbhajan sure looked happy with the custom made Brune Formal Shoes .

Velvet Slip Ons for Pre-Wedding Rituals

Velvet Slip Ons for Harbhajan Singh Pre-Wedding Rituals

Pre-Wedding Rituals are simple and short timed but they have lots of importance attached to them. Being dressed appropriately for these rituals is important so that the rituals can be carried out without a hitch. Harbhajan Singh did the wise thing and opted for a simple sky blue kurta and a white pyjama. He wore a bottle green pagdi to add contrast to his attire. He sealed his look for the Ghadoli Ceremony with a pair of Voganow’s Bottle Green Velvet Slip Ons . These Slip Ons had an antique gold crest of a lion on it which gave it an exquisite look.

Velvet Slip Ons for The Wedding

Wedding being the most important occasion in a person’s life, make sure that the wedding dress and all other important accessories are every bit regal and royal for the D-Day. Harbhajan Singh’s wedding sherwani has the color theme of white and red. He wore a simple white sherwani with gold threadwork and a red silk pyjama. He wore a pearl necklace that accentuated the style of the embroidered red silk stole. He also wore a red turban and the traditional Kirpan in a gold red sheath. He completed the look with Voganow’s Red Velvet Leather Slip Ons that had a scintillating gold crest of a crowned lion. The velvet slip ons matched his complete wedding ensemble perfectly and made him look like a dashing prince.

Have a wedding coming up? Select stylish footwear for weddings and other festive occasions that are custom made by Voganow. Take inspiration from our Celeb clients and make your weddings and functions as glittering as thiers with the shoes and accessories from Voganow. Shop for your royal Velvet Slip Ons and Formal Leather shoes at Voganow Today!

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