Classic Royal Designs on Velvet Slip Ons

by Sunny Rattanpal on Nov 30, 2015

Classic Royal Designs on Velvet Slip Ons

Classic Royal Designs on Velvet Slip Ons

Velvet Slip Ons are footwear that is stylish and luxurious. Celebrities like Harbhajan Singh and Amitabh Bachchan have been seen sporting these gorgeous pairs of footwear. The Velvet Slip Ons have caught on to the fashion scene like hotcakes. What has actually nudged the fashion conscious peeps towards these simple looking Slip Ons? Three Words – Style, Comfort and Design.

Bare skin’s Velvet Slip Ons are styled after the quintessential moccasins which are worn in the house. You can picture them in your mind adorning the feet a prince sitting cross legged in an armchair in his library. This is the feel the Velvet Slip Ons evoke. Not only do they have luxurious style, these slip ons are hand crafted to perfection for the best fit and can be worn outdoors. Being custom made, you will find them fitting your feet like a second skin. The Velvet Slip Ons come in a variation of royal colors like Red, Green, Blue and Black.

What set these Slip Ons apart from the rest are the classic Royal designs on the footwear. Here are 7 Royal and Luxurious Slip On designs by Bareskin that are available at Voganow.

1. Lion Emblem

These are the classic Velvet Slip Ons from Bareskin with a full mane Lion head on the front of the shoes. A pair of Lion King Embroidered Maroon Slip Ons was worn by Harbhajan Singh on his wedding day. They also come in different colors and have embroidery in two different colored threads. Based on your liking, you can have your pick.

2. Club and Spade

A poker game can be stylish too. Throw on a pair of Velvet Slip Ons with a golden embroidered club design on one slip on and a spade design on the other slip on. They are available in three different colors. Team up a Blue Poker Special Embroidered Slip Ons with suede pants for your poker or rummy bouts and amp up the style.

3. A Royal Crown

It cannot get more royal than this. A royal crown is embroidered on the Slip Ons to give it a blue blood look. In three different colors, they will suit every royal mood of yours. For your beige royal outfit, a pair of limited edition Gold Grown Embroidered Black Velvet Slip Ons would be perfect.

4. The Card Design

Flaunt your love for playing cards with the Card Design Velvet Slip Ons from Bareskin. They have a gold and red thread embroidered block of heart, diamond, club and spade on black velvet. The flowing embroidery around the shapes gives it an exquisite look.

5. A Gentleman Mask

Sometimes people need reminding how much of a gentleman you are. The Gentleman Mask embroidered Velvet Slip On is just for such occasions. A Silver Thread Gentleman Mask Velvet Slip Ons would be a great pair to sport on the occasional semi-formal parties.

6. A Tassel Look

7. The Anchors

Your love of the open sea is envisaged in this velvet slip on. Out on your boat, lounging in the sun, sipping champagne is a dream many have. Add on a pair of Limited Edition Anchor Embroidered Black Velvet Slip Ons to complete the picture.

These royal designs are going to add the much needed luxury to your footwear wardrobe. Shop for your classic royal design Velvet Slip Ons from Bareskin at today and have a chance to own a pair of Limited Edition Velvet Slip Ons.

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