10 Quick Tips to Store and Preserve your Leather Essentials from Voganow

by Sunny Rattanpal on Oct 27, 2015

10 Quick Tips to Store and Preserve your Leather Essentials from Voganow

Leather essentials like any other product need care. Leather needs to be handled carefully keeping in mind some specific things. Proper care of your leather essentials will ensure that they are not damaged even after a long storage. Here are some quick tips for you to follow while storing your leather goods.

  1. Keep it in Shape: Stuff your leather bags, shoes, jacket arms and pant legs with tissue, acid free paper or bubble wrap. This will retain their shape during storage. Crumpled newspaper can also be used but they tend to cause loss of shape of leather essentials.

2.Hang them Up: Always Hang the leather jackets, pants and other leather garments on wide shoulder hangers. If you do not use a hanger, your leather goods may also develop creases which will damage them. Never hang them using the loops provided as the leather might stretch under the counter weight and may even cause a tear.

 3.Soak the Moisture: Put silica gel packets in the bags, shoes and pockets of leather apparel so that they absorb all the moisture. If moisture is not removed, it will irreparably spoil the leather.

 4.Mask the Metal: Cover all the metal fittings of your leather goods like buckles, zippers, chains etc., with tissue paper so that they are not in direct contact with the leather. If you store your leather without covering the metal fittings, they may press against the leather and make an impression which cannot be removed, effectively damaging the look of your leather essential.

 5.Condition Them: Use leather conditioners to keep your leather essentials before storing them, to keep them looking and feeling as good as new. Test the conditioners on an inconspicuous area first and then apply on the whole surface of your leather essential.

6. Tighten the Caps: Never leave loose pencil or pens without caps in your leather essentials. They will stain your bags.

7. Pack the Make-up Kit: Always close your makeup kit properly and tightly before storing them in the leather bag.

8.Wrap the Bottles: Wrap glass bottles with liquids like perfume and nail polish in plastic before storing them in the leather bag to prevent staining if the bottles break. 

9. Use Cloth Bags: Always USE Breathable Cloth Bags to store your Leather bags and shoes. Leather needs air to remain looking fab.

10.Temperature Control is Important: Always Store your Leather essentials in Temperature Controlled environments. The place you store them should not be exposed directly to sun and should not have humidity. 

We have found these tips very useful while storing our leather goods. They will help you in taking care of your coveted leather jacket and your designer leather handbags from Voganow. Check out the New Custom Made Leather Jackets and Designer Leather Handbags from Voganow and add them your vibrant collection today.

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