The ART of Acing your Shoe Game

by Sunny Rattanpal on Mar 28, 2020

The ART of Acing your Shoe Game


The fashion forward men are open-minded and are always on a look out for clothing items which make them stand apart from the crowd. And it goes without saying, shoes make up a considerable amount of the said clothing items which look exceedingly modish and in-vogue. Brune and Bareskin is proud to introduce their new line of hand-painted doodled leather boots for men, a range which assures that the wearer will stand apart from the crowd, just as these boots stand apart from the basic styles of shoes. This range of shoes adorned with doodle art is an upbeat take on the regular biker boots, made for the men who enjoy a fashion galore.

A pair with a sturdy build and a quirky mien, these doodle-art boots are an eccentric edition. These boots posses a street-style look with the quilted high-tops and the brand’s crest. With an extravagant doodle all over the body, these boots are bound to make heads turn as you walk by in style. Don these with a classy tan leather jacket to match with the shoes, and a pair of well-fit black denims so as to rock a downright modish look.

LEATHER LIGHT WEIGHT BIKER BOOT FOR MEN BY BARESKIN (512 GM)Sport the fire within you with these elaborate hand-painted boots. These shoes are an expression for one’s love for music and safe to say, all things trendy. The bright colours and the adorned art guarantee to please the eyes of all fashion enthusiasts. Although, these shoes are a bold choice, one can easily pull-these off with a plain red t-shirt and a pair of black denims to compliment these boots.

TAN LEATHER LIGHT WEIGHT BIKER BOOT FOR MEN BY BARESKIN (512 GM)Camouflage prints have been appearing on the fashion scene time and again, and they still have not lost their charm over the years. Inspired by the same, our tan Camo boots are a striking pair of hand-painted shoes for the men to flaunt their dapper style. These shoes express strength with their hefty build and the unmissable crest on the top of these shoes. Wear these boots with an olive-coloured shirt and a pair of well-tailored black pants for the perfect dash of dashing.


You can customize it your way and even more than that with our special artwork services. These can be burnished to one’s personal preferences and designs.

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