What type of leather is used for making Leather Products?

by Sunny Rattanpal on Sep 14, 2015

What type of leather is used for making Leather Products?

Leather products are highly coveted for their classy look and feel. Be its shoes, bags or jackets, pure leather products can always be set apart from the synthetics and the faux leather. To help you understand more about genuine leather here is a little information about the types of leather.

Leather is nothing but the skin of various animals like goat, cattle, pigs and sheep. Experts usually segregate them into three typical categories. These are: Pigmented or Protected leather, Aniline and Semi-aniline leather.

Different Types of Leather

Aniline Leather: Of the three categories, the Aniline leather is considered the most natural. Its surface is natural and is also known to be highly soil-proof. Aniline leather has the best surface feel as the hides unique surface characteristics are well revealed. This leather is only dyed to the desired color and no polymer treatment is done. Hence, this type of leather is highly recommended for products which will not be exposed to staining, spillage, or soiling.

Semi Aniline Leather: The second variety is the Semi-aniline leather and is a blend of characteristics of the other two varieties. The highlight of semi-aniline leather is that it has a light surface coat of polymer and pigment. It is considered to be one of the most durable types of leather because they are coated with a layer of polymer and then coated with a pigment. Therefore, the products made from leather type of product can take minimal soiling and stains.

Pigmented or Protected Leather: The last of the genuine leather types is the Pigmented or the protected leather variety. This variety is the most favored one by manufacturers. It is very flexible and easy to use type. It retains several of the natural leather features even after coats of polymer. Pigmented leather is durable for products such as upholstery, in cars as well as furniture. The thickness of the surface coating is sometimes as much as 0.15mm and the product is highly recommended for a host of products.

Keeping the above points in mind, when you set out to buy your leather goods and products you know which leather types you have to choose from. You can take a close look at the surfaces of each of the leather types to know if the leather of the product you wish to buy is good or faux leather.

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