What is Lamb Leather?

by Sunny Rattanpal on Sep 14, 2015

What is Lamb Leather?

Lambskin leather is the softest leather in the market. It has a smooth texture and is soft to touch. It is liked for its smoothness and fragile nature. Because of its texture and appearance, it is preferred by women as it gives look of sophistication. Lambskin leather is soft and delicate making it vulnerable to blemishes, scratches and stains.

Popularity of Lamb Leather

It is a matter of preference whether to buy or not to buy products made of lamb leather. While some women like their things to be dainty and delicate, irrespective of the care required for its upkeep, others choose tough leather that is easier to maintain. The demand for lamb leather products is high as it is touted as the luxury leather.

Lamb Leather Products

Most designers use lambskin leather in coats, skirts and jackets. Lamb leather is light in weight conforms to the silhouette of the body. It has a soft, smooth and buttery feel making it the perfect choice for apparels. Jackets made of other types of leather such as calfskin or full grain leather, are heavy and do not give a sophisticated look. Another reason why apparels and garments are designed out of lambskin leather is that it is thin. But it has the ability to insulate and is capable of protecting the person who wears it from extreme cold. No synthetic material makes you feel as cozy as a lambskin leather jacket or coat.

Leather items like bags, wallets and accessories are designed out of calfskin leather which is tougher and thicker than lambskin and therefore, more appropriate for these products. For rough and tough use and longer durability, the calfskin leather is better compared to lamb leather, which needs constant upkeep.


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