Science of Leather Jacket Keeping You Warm

by Sunny Rattanpal on Mar 03, 2016

Science of Leather Jacket Keeping You Warm

Wonder what´s common between Jimmy Stewart in the film Night Passage, Marlon Brando in the Wild One Gary Cooper in For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator series and Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones film series? Well, they all sported a leather jacket, as a facet of their iconic looks as a fighter pilot, an outlaw biker or an adventure seeker! Each of these characters played their part in making leather jackets popular which achieved iconic status in the 20th century.

As the name suggests, it’s a jacket length coat made from leather, a durable and flexible cattle hide, prepared for use by tanning. They usually come in black or brown colors, have been styled in a lot of different ways and associated with different cultures worn primarily for protection but later turned into a popular fashion accessory.

Leather jackets became a part of military apparel with aviators and other armed forces personnel. Heavily insulated to protect against extreme climatic conditions during WW II, they became known as ‘bomber jackets’.

That brings us to the point – can a leather jacket keep you warm by itself?

Whether a leather jacket can keep you warm or not will depend on

  • The weather
  • The kind of leather jacket
  • Does the jacket have a liner

The leather jackets act as a second skin when worn. Made from animal skin or hide, leather tends to retain the protective nature of the hide. When not too chilly, they can easily protect you from the cold, just like your own skin would. When it gets colder that our skin can tolerate, we cover up. Leather jackets use liners.

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Liners are basically a lining of different fabrics which provides insulation from the cold and kind of maintains the body temperature. The liners are basically of two types: the built in or a permanent one and the zip out or a temporary one. The advantage of the zip out liner is that you can customize the jacket according to the weather or to your needs, by having the liner or leaving it out. Either ways what it means is while leather blocks the wind, the liner is essential to keep yourself warm. is home to trendy leather jackets for men and women. Voganow’s online leather jacket store assures you quality suede leather, lamb leather and normal leather with a soft supple finish. One of the major attractions at Voganow is the bright colored leather jackets from Bareskin.

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