Bareskin Velvet Slip Ons & Brune Formal Footwear – Tryst with Celebrities

Fashion and style has become so ingrained in everyone’s life that with the vibrant bunch of celebrities, there is always a style tip or two to pick up. Celebrities from India usually wear designer clothes that are designed by Indian designers. Seldom do you see them raving about accessories that are made by Indian designers in India. The last wedding season, changed this to some extent.

At the celebrity wedding of ace cricketer Harbhajan Singh and actress Geeta Basra, a glimpse of the changing fashion accessories scene was seen. This was prominent in the stylish footwear the groom and the guests at the wedding were sporting. The designs and styles of this footwear were so unique and posh that everyone was talking about it.

Ruling the style brigade with a élan were the brands of Bareskin and Brune. Bareskin’s Red Velvet Slip Ons with Gold Lion Motifs were worn by Harbhajan Singh on his D-Day and a pair of Green Velvet Slip Ons for wedding rituals. For his sangeet the Brune’s Tan Oxford’s Mens Formal Shoes completed his suave and mature groom look. Bareskin made a gorgeous pair of bespoke Blue Velvet and Gold Embroidered Slip Ons for his wedding reception.

Festivities of Harbhajan Singh’s wedding continued in Mumbai where the Ambani’s hosted a party in celebration of his wedding and that of Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma was spotted wearing Bareskin’s Black Velvet Slip Ons with Gold Lion Motifs while Harbhajan choose to go with the classy Brune Burgundy Leather Formal Shoes. Guests were also spotted flaunting leather accessories like the Blue Velvet and Gold Lion Motif Mobile Cover from Voganow.

This footwear style has piqued the fancy of many a celebrities. Cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Varun Sharma were spotted wearing Bareskin’s Black Velvet Slip Ons with Gold Lion Motifs at different functions. Even for a casual day out or a day of travel, celebrities like cricketer Shikhar Dhawan found a pair of Voganow’s Snake Print Maroon Jalsa Jutties a comfortable footwear choice.

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