Quirky Bareskin Velvet Slip on Designs

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jan 05, 2016

Quirky Bareskin Velvet Slip on Designs

Quirky Bareskin Velvet Slip on Designs

Our preceding blog gave you a glimpse of the Royal Designs of Velvet Slip Ons by Bareskin. Though gorgeous et al, sometimes the sobre and elegant looking designs become boring even for the most calm of gentlemen. To spice up their daily lives, they resort to making some minor yet perceptible changes to their lives and most importantly to their dressing. A funky tie on a formal outfit or a bright colored scarf on a grey suit are some innovative ways some men experiment to break the monotony.

You can have some delightful moments with your footwear too. Bareskin brings you a range of Velvet Slip Ons with some naughty and funny designs.

1. Love and Peace

Flaunt your love for the environment with this pair of Bareskin Velvet Slip Ons. It has a Soothing Love and a Peace Symbol embroidered in green and blue thread. This black velvet slip on can be your comfort wear for letting the world know that you support Peace and Love in today’s strife torn world. 

2. Screw U

When you have an attitude, we suggest you flaunt it! For those of you who are extremely confident about yourself and seldom pay heed to the disparaging comments of the people around you, the Screw U Velvet Slip Ons are just for you. These Black Velvet Slip Ons have a silver thread screw and a red thread Letter ‘U’ embroidered on them. Every so lightly cross your legs and let the people in front of you know, you will not put up with any non-sense.

3. Swords and Skulls

Swords and skulls are synonymous with pirates. All the pirate fans can rejoice with this Bareskin Swords and Skull Velvet Slip Ons. Etched on black velvet, these slip ons have crossed swords embroidered in silver thread beneath a silver thread embroidered human skull. The highlight of these slip ons in the skull has a mock red colored eye patch embroidered across the skull giving it an authentic sea pirate look.

4. Handlebar Moustache

A handlebar moustache was the rage during the early 1900’s. Bring the past to the present with these trendy Handlebar Mustache Velvet Slip Ons. A small piece of history and sure shot establishment of masculinity, these black velvet slip ons with silver thread embroidery are an ideal gift for all men. 

5. Hook and UP

What is life without a little fun and a dash of naughty? Be a little flirtatious and make your shoes do the talking for you with the Bareskin Hook Up Special Velvet Slip Ons. A fish hook and the word embroidered in gold thread, this red velvet slip on can easily be worn for your casual day out with friends or for a fun party night. Gold and Red is anyways a magic color combination. Wear a pair and let the magic unfold.

Velvet Slip On designs that are classy, elegant, and a little bit funky and loads of fun. This is how we describe the Bareskin Collection of Velvet Slip Ons. Tap into your soul, find the fun part or the sober part in you and indulge in this collection. Shop for your Bareskin Velvet Slip Ons at today.

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