Light Colored Jacket – A Must Have

by Sunny Rattanpal on Feb 10, 2016

Light Colored Jacket – A Must Have

Light Colored Jacket – A Must Have

Winter chill is receding and giving way to a riotous colorful Spring. Spring brings with it an explosion of colors all around us. The flowers bloom, trees and plants sprout tender new green leaves and there is chirping of birds everywhere. With so much color and vibrancy, your wardrobe can add the much needed balance of simple pastel and subdued colors. Light shaded outfits are the best for the Spring season.

Leather jackets in light colored leather are a collector’s pride pieces. In shades of white and grey the leather jackets in suede and soft leather are show stoppers for spring. Here are Bareskin’s Selection of Light Colored Leather Jackets for Spring.

In Shades of Grey

Grey is usually associated with dullness. If treated right this particular color can be classy and stylish. Leather jackets in grey shades look great for the receding winter and early spring. The last patches of snow melting away to give way to fresh green shoots can be easily identified with this color that is halfway between black and white. Bareskin Charcoal Grey Leather Jacket with 4 box pockets is a stylish addition to your spring wardrobe. Team it with a plain white shirt and look fabulous.

Another classic jacket is the Bareskin Charcoal Grey Classic Biker Leather Jacket for Men. It has a stylish side zip and cuff zips. The trendy shoulder straps make give this jacket a cool look.

For those who love the gloss and patina on their leather jacket, the Bareskin Grey Sheep Leather Classic Pilot Jacket is perfect. It has a very simple design which would perfectly complement all of your spring collection.

Keeping it White

 White is a universally loved color. Whatever be the season, this color fits the stylish and classy fashion brief. The Bareskin White Sheep Platea Classic Fit Leather Jacket can give any other jacket some tough competition on style and panache. It has simple zipped chest pockets and a short collar that gives it a pristine look, ideal for the oncoming spring.

For the Love of the Dove

 When white becomes too bright and grey becomes too dark, the best color to go for is the Dove. This aptly named shade of pure white has a tinge of grey giving it a subdued look. The Bareskin Dove Classic Biker Jacket for Women in Lamb Uno Leather is a trendy pick. It has a wide double clover collar with a side zip. It has thread detailing on the arms and belt design detailing on the hips giving this jacket a stylish view.

Mixing color shades for a leather jacket can be fun. You do not have to go for jackets which have two colors blended together. You can go for jackets that have stark color contrasts in various parts of the outfit like the Bareskin Dove Classic Biker Jacket for Women in Lamb Uno Leather. It has a trendy body in Dove colored leather with a double clover collar, side zip and zippered straight and slanting pockets. It also has shoulder flaps with belt detailing at the hip. The arms of the jacket on the other hand, are black in color which gives this entire jacket a faux vest jacket look. It is a perfect choice when you wish to add a little trendy style to your wardrobe.

Picking a Light Leather Jacket in fresh new colors is now easy with Bareskin updating their collection frequently. Upgrade your leather jacket collection this spring. Shop for your Light colored Leather Jackets online at Voganow today.

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