know what your zodiac says about your style

by Sunny Rattanpal on Oct 10, 2018

know what your zodiac says about your style

Astrology can be a useful sign if you need answers to serious spiritual and philosophical questions about your inner self. Stars speak a lot about your personality and, to some extent, they’re true. But that shouldn’t make you superstitious, in fact, for some light-hearted reasons it’s always fun to know what styles suit you best with respect to your zodiac sign. We’ve rounded up the most eligible picks for the stars of this month – Virgo & Libra!

Virgo –Minimalist

Virgo is one of the mellowest signs in the astrology. Being an element of Earth, Virgos have a deep sense of humanity and are utterly caring for the ones they love. They are the ones who wouldn’t want to be the centre of attraction and seen, usually, taking a back seat. Virgos are well-organized and always try to look tidy and polished, even with the most casual outfits, something too flashy isn’t their thing. Minimalism is what rules their fashion scion, but they never shy away from trying out new trends but maintaining a balance between classic and trendy is what you’ll notice in their styling.

Our hand-painted tan leather duffle bag and Chelsea boots define elegance and will perfectly align with a Virgo’s personality. Chelsea boots are simplistic in style despite being appealing they don’t go overboard. The tan leather duffle bag makes for a crisp, clean accessory that will take your formal look a notch up.

For a Virgo woman, practicality and ease are two important factors. Thus, a pair of ballerinas can prove to be a multifunctional fit for you from day to night. So go ahead and shop your Virgo look by our specially curated styles for you!

Libra – Classic

Librans are born under the Air sign and spotted by their peaceful and legitimate nature. They’re highly social and hate being alone. The planet ruling this sign is Venus, which makes them great lovers and fond of everything beautiful, fancy and pricey. Librans love to shop and hone a strong sense of fashion, a Libran would prefer elegant prints over geometric ones, but symmetry is their strong suit. They know how to keep their attire balanced from head to toe by adding the right amount of moderation in their style.Some of the most glamorous celebrities are born under this sign which pretty much makes them paparazzi-ready! Check out these styles curated for Librans that define their personality quite well.

Librans love pastels over bright colours, subtlety over shine and since you have that one piece in your closet that you always wear - that might just be a pair of shoes. And for the social-bee that you are, you need something as comfortable and light as a pair of golden-beige ballerinas that are fancy yet soothing and allow you the ease to work in a crowded room. For men, looking for a relaxed formal look, moccasins are the perfect choice. The closed toe provides the right amount of closure and the slip-on style makes it effortless to wear.


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