Celeb stories: Get the Celeb look this season!

by Sunny Rattanpal on Aug 03, 2017

Celeb stories: Get the Celeb look this season!

Voganow brings a wide range of leather footwear and other leather products for men and woman. We design products for the fashion conscious, and who like to keep up with new trends. Some of our footwear styles have been a celeb fave too! We’ve put together our 6 top selling shoe styles donned by the hottest celebs

1.Virat Kohli spotted wearing Brune shoes: Our Brune CYU tan leather hand rugged whole cut/one-piece oxford shoe with medallion toe for men is a wonderfully shaped leather shoe for elegant formal events.

2.Ranveer Singh spotted wearing Bareskin shoes: The shining star of Bollywood was seen wearing our black patent leather slip-on shoes for men by Bareskin.

3.Yuvraj Singh spotted in Brune shoes: Yuvraj was seen donning our Brune burnished dark brown hand painted leather moccasins. A true piece of work, grand in its look and feel but also light weight! A total must-have!

4.Hrithik Roshal spotted wearing Brune shoes: Hrithik was spotted wearing Brune hand finished tan 100% genuine leather men’s tassel loafers with side lacing. These are versatile and suited for any occasion.


5.Kunal Kapoor spotted wearing Brune shoes: Brune 100% genuine hand painted tan leather full brogue formal shoe for men. The sole of this shoe is made of hand-made leather sole, and the lining of this shoe is also done with leather.

6.Zaheer Khar spotted in Brune shoes: These Brune brown leather oxfords are hand rugged whole cut/one-piece with medallion toe detail. Every shoe we design is unique in all means, this leather shoe’s sole is made out of hand made rubber unit.

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