Jalsa Juttis, Ethnic and Modern Leather Footwear

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jul 31, 2015

Jalsa Juttis, Ethnic and Modern Leather Footwear

Jutti, the very Indian footwear has now gone global. With the internet making the world a smaller place to do business, it is not surprising that this traditional Indian footwear is being loved by people from all over the world.

Sometimes known as Nagra and Mojari, the Jutti is a shoe or a slip-on. It is made of leather and may be embroidered or have various embellishments. The leather slip-on variant is like a slipper with toe end closed. The shoe variant of the Jutti is more like the shoe, sans the laces. The Jutti mainly originated in Rajasthan and were highly patronized by the kings and queens of that era. The earliest designs of the Jutti were very ornate and exquisite. They were incorporated with stones, fine gems and precious pearls. With the passage of time, the Jutti gained popularity in Punjab and after undergoing several forms of experimentation and innovation it reached its present form. The Jalsa Jutti is considered to be a unique type of footwear that can be worn as casual footwear, for weddings, religious occasions and to parties and festivals too. The traditional Juttis add ethnicity to any outfit that you wear.

Equally good for the fashion conscious and for the comfort seekers, Juttis are fast becoming popular. If you too are looking to have a pair that you can flaunt at your friends Wedding, just check out the latest collection of Juttis at

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