How to Choose Best Leather Jacket

by Sunny Rattanpal on Aug 18, 2015

How to Choose Best Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are not only comfortable to wear but they are also stylish. They have always been a popular garment with Men. With several choices of cuts and fits, leather jackets complement any apparel and can be worn on any occasion. You can choose from motorcycle jackets, bomber jackets and distressed leather jackets for making a style statement. However, before picking up a leather jacket, you need to follow some tips to buy a high quality piece.

The Cut: Cut of the leather jacket is an important aspect to look at. While some of the cuts give a roomier fit others give a tight fit. The distressed leather jackets have a worn-in look. So, the choice of the cut is personal and you should pick one that you feel the most comfortable in.

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The Color: Brown and black leather jackets are more popular than jackets of other colors. While brown jackets look more casual, the black ones are dressier. Lately, there has been a welcome influx of colored leather jackets. Colors of this new class of jackets are in shades of tan, blue, red, green, orange and even pink. Blue leather jackets suit best with formal attire. They also complement jeans and casual pants. Choose a leather jacket that goes well with your attire.

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Quality of Leather: Leather jackets may be made of cowhide or lambskin. While cowhide is more durable, lambskin is glossier and softer. Cowhide leather has a rough appearance and it ages well whereas lambskin tears easily. Therefore, when choosing a leather jacket, choose quality leather that not only looks well but is durable as well.

Comfortable Fit: LeLeatherather jackets should not be too tight or too loose. They should have a good fit. If you have broad shoulders, look for jackets that don’t hug your body tightly. For muscular arms, choose a jacket that has large armholes.

Complements your Wardrobe: When you are picking a leather jacket, choose a color and style that adds more variety and panache to your wardrobe. If you intend to wear the jacket most of the time, ensure that it goes well with the major portion of your wardrobe. You can pick a neutral shade as this would complement all of your ensembles. is an exciting brand for your leather jackets and other leather accessories. Their Custom Made Leather Jackets are their star attraction. The store is a one-stop shop for leather items like footwear, furnishing, jackets, accessories and baggage. Visit our website for a large collection of all things Leather. 

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