It’s Raining Jackets Here

by Sunny Rattanpal on Apr 22, 2015

It’s Raining Jackets Here

It’s New Year, and with it come new beginnings! We, at Voganow, are launching a new line of biker jackets that raise your fashion quotient.


It is known that leather is resilient to weather conditions, which is why most bikers still prefer a leather jacket over the others. Besides its protective purpose, leather is also seen as a style statement. Many style icons have immortalized the use of leather jackets. Hence, leather jacket has become a must-have item. Besides, leather also gives you that rugged and macho look. Leather also looks classy on riders of motorcycles.

While we have all the traditional or classic styles of leather jacket, we have added a modern twist to the traditional biker jacket by making it in two tones.

Let it be the topic of conversations with the stylish bareskin jacket in black and yellow tones. Order your jacket now, and make a style statement! Don’t forget to send us a picture of you wearing the jacket.

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