Your Leather Fix is right here

by Sunny Rattanpal on Apr 22, 2015

Your Leather Fix is right here

Summer is here and so are our trips to those lovely hill resorts. We have a range of leather accessories for you this summer. No trip to the hills can be complete without a luxurious leather jacket. Going out on a long drive on your Harley? Then go for the custom made-to-order jacket. Most would love to flash a tendy travel bag. Therefore, these colorful luggage bags would be the answer. They are comfortable and are generously spaced to stash your belongings.

Some of us enjoy a change in our belts and wallets once in a while. The colored belts, wallets, bellies and loafers will bring a change to your monotonous routine. Contrary to the general feeling, not all office bags are lackluster. They can be sleek, tendy and fashionable. Lug them along to your office. Armed with one, you would be no less than a style icon.

With the wedding season around the corner, wedding ensemble will be incomplete without the right pair of joothis to match your Sherwani. These joothis, which soothe your feet, are comfortable and cosy. They will not let the wedding heat get to you.

Summer time is the time for right time for party hopping. The best companion for your tendy look is a beautiful pair of footwear that you can flaunt. When we are out shopping out with friends, we all need a comfort bag for our spoils. Check out those colorful hobos and satchels. These are things you would want to carry around with you at all times.

At home, we have the same old furnishings of cotton and fur. Leather is always reserved for the couch or the chair. Jazz up your lives with leather in your home decor by adding colorful leather cushions and rug mats. They can mingle with any furnishings, but stand out as an exemplary piece of art.

So get your leather fix right now!

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