6 Ways to Spot Faux Leather at High End Stores

by Sunny Rattanpal on Oct 27, 2015

6 Ways to Spot Faux Leather at High End Stores

For High Quality, High durability and Exquisitely Designed Leather all of us prefer going to Branded, High End store. Their brand name makes us believe that the leather goods would be of high quality. And rightly so. But there have been some instances where some unscrupulous stores have stacked faux leather and fooled their customers into believing that the leather is of Top Quality. For you to differentiate between genuine and faux leather at upscale stores, here are some tips that can help you.

Smell: Use your sense of smell to difference between real and faux leather. While faux leather smells of chemicals and plastic which the salespersons would tell you is due to the processing chemicals used for the leather. Do not fall for it. Genuine leather s has a slightly musty odor. You can differentiate between the two by smelling them.

Edges: Good quality leather that has been allowed to tan properly will not have painted or blue edges. Leather items that display such edges are not of good quality. Blemishes or un-tanned edges are hidden by paint. When such products are used, they fray and tear easily.

‘Full Grain’ Mark: Full Grain Leather is leather from which imperfections of the skin are not removed. It also develops a patina over it with prolonged usage and does not fray. There is no way for a layman to know if the Leather is Full Grain or not unless you have used it for some period of time. Some products have this marking but be wary and trust the label only if you are buying the product from a trusted store.

Look and Feel: Feel the leather to see whether it is hard, thin or has a plastic feel to it. You can also look whether the item is machine made or not. Faux leather would have a certain kind of hardness and plastic feel to it which is not the case with good quality leather. Good Quality leather is soft and supple with minor imperfections.

Stitching and Lining: Good quality leather goods have high quality stitching. The stitching pattern, the finesse and accuracy of the stitches speak volumes of the quality of leather. Similarly the inner lining of the leather item can also tell you about the quality. Flaws in lining, stitching and other hardware such as zips and buttons are indicative of inferior quality leather goods.

You need to be vigilant to distinguish between genuine leather and faux leather so that you know that you are not being fleeced. One of the best ways to look for High Quality Leather is to buy it after reading customer testimonials about the leather products from a particular brand.

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