What does your Bag say about You?

by Sunny Rattanpal on Apr 06, 2017

What does your Bag say about You?

Your bags apparently say a lot about you! Bags are an essential commodity for every girl. They are a basic need for some and an accessory to the others. Bags help you in completing your daily ensembles. Selection of a bag majorly focusses more on the functionality it offers, followed by aesthetics. We’ve put together 3 of our favourite personalities and the perfect bag to match your style:

1) The Head Turner

Product: Cambridge leather bag

You don’t just follow trends, you make them! You are a strong, independent woman who is confident about herself. This Cambridge style satchel is compact and is a proportionate fit for all your essentials. This bright fluro pink designed bag is for the ladies who want to make a fashion statement. This amazing piece is a diffusion of luxury and fashion.

2) The Mystery Mayhem

Product: Wineberry satchel bag by Brune.

You like to stand out from the crowd, but with subtle help of fashion! You like carrying your world with you wherever you go ( We understand!). You are dependable and always take the safe road. This classic styled bag has a minimalistic design and is super chic.

3) The Easy Chic

Product: Clear blue shopping bag

You like your style like yourself cool, calm and transparent! You are laid back and a relaxed person. For you, comfort always wins over style. You are practical and always travel light. This bag is durable and convenient, the two most important things for you. This is an anti-wrinkle bag, best for users while commuting, shopping and a lot more. 

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