Velvet Embroidery Leather Slip on Shoes for Mens

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jul 14, 2015

Velvet Embroidery Leather Slip on Shoes for Mens

Whether consciously or subconsciously, the first thing that you notice when you see a man, a male guest or a celebrity walk in, is his shoes. Other than his outfit, shoes define a mans personality and his tastes. So, if you notice someone wearing velvet slip-ons that are embroidered, you are sure to get impressed.

Velvet slip-ons are favorite footwear for many individuals. While the velvet exudes royalty, the embroidery speaks of tradition and style. Leather Embroidery velvet slip-ons are the contemporary footwear that every man must have in his closet. They are loved for their style, their comfort and their raffish charm.

Amitabh Bachchan wearing Velvet embroidered shoes

Made of high quality velvet that is soothing to the feet and easy to maintain, these slip-ons have gained much popularity over the years. Different velvet slip-ons have different embroidery designs. Some have the saber and skull embroidery, while others might have a crown or an anchor. The embroidery design could be different with each style and design.

Off late, celebrities like Kanye West, Amitabh Bachchan, Vijay Mallya and Siddharth Mallya have been endorsing these velvet slip-ons. They have been seen wearing these slipper/loafers to award functions, high profile parties and even as casual wear. It is the versatility of these slip – ons which attracts these celebrities. You can pair the embroidered velvet slip-ons with a tuxedo, jeans, shorts, blazers, tweeds, suits and even dinner clothes.

Elegant and quirky, these branded slip-ons are expensive. Carrying signature embroidery designs and superbly crafted, they are anything but affordable for the common man. However, those who are interested in getting a pair of the same velvet embroidered slip – ons to exude that aristocratic air, there is a new destination to check out,

Offering the same velvet slip-ons endorsed by the celebrities, the website offers them at affordable prices. You can find the slip-ons shoes with gold and silver embroidery. Fine threads are used to embroider the motif that stands out when the pair is worn with formal wear. Offered at, these Bearskin velvet embroidery Leather slip-ons Shoes are a must-have for every well dressed man to get that debonair look. You can check out the latest velvet embroidery slip-ons Shoes collection that is now being offered at a discount, only at

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