The Millennial Man’s Style Guide

by Sunny Rattanpal on Sep 20, 2019

The Millennial Man’s Style Guide

When it comes to the millennial man, fashion plays a key role in defining his personality. That said, fashion to him, is not just about clothes – it’s the way he owns his look. He’s always on top of the fashion trends, ahead of his game be it clothes, shoes, bags or cars – everything holds its significance distinctively. He never fails to leave a mark and that’s what really drives us to create something that’s befitted to the sartorially savvy yet understated taste of the millennial men. It’s zesty, full of vigor, lively, and, hued yet minimalistic in its appeal. Our fresh collection boasts of classic styles that’ll uplift your outfit ten times over!

Unlike sneakers, dress shoes will last you for not just seasons but years so it’s good to invest in some great pair.

On The Move

We totally love making newest combinations for you and this season we’re giving in to the subtlest hues. These smokey grey formal shoes are a piece of art and designate a modern day gentleman’s style on-the-go. Gentleman’s shoes will forever remain the mark of a well-dresses man and these are the best you can slide into.

Dapper Comes Easy!

If ever we get a chance to swap our everyday staples, we’d definitely go for these beauties. These hand-painted wooden-finished Quarter Brogues are real goals that’ll channel the gentleman in you. Suit up and pair them for an elevated style and these would prove that being dapper does come easy with a pair of hand-finished brogues!


All it takes is some fringe and play to turn your regular slip-ons into the coolest-guy-at-the-party shoes. These tassel loafers, soaked in the classiest hue of royalty surely radiates your inner charm. The fringe tassels will add the much needed drama to your weekend outfit.

Tiger On the Prowl!

When pop meets elegance the results are fabulous. Our Horsebit Leather Mules bedecked by embroidered tiger will have shoe contact before you make eye contact, so it’s your time to step out and roar!

Rare Necessity

All-white sneakers are passé, indulge yourself in the grandeur of our quilted leather sneakers because that combines party with play. These go synonymous with comfort and for those who like to keep it a tad bit lowkey, this is the most sought-after shoe for you. Wear them with printed t-shirts or semi-formals, these will rest assured up your style ante.

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