Quirkiest Slip-Ons That You Must Add To Your Wardrobe RN

by Sunny Rattanpal on Apr 25, 2019

Quirkiest Slip-Ons That You Must Add To Your Wardrobe RN

Slip-ons have proven to be a game changer in the men’s fashion scene. They are a great alternative to lightweight man sandals in summer (for men who feel weary about wearing sandals). Soon after the rage of solid and embroidered slip-ons, we saw a wave of printed slip-ons giving a tough competition to the much loved sneakers. The best part is it can be easily dressed up or down, whether you’re running weekend errands or heading out to a causal movie date or even jet setting off to a vacation or anything in between, a pair of slip-ons will just fit in right. We did a research and found out that the millennial, especially the male influencers and stylists, often prefer something that’s more captivating rather than a basic pair.

Fashion is ingrained in every pair of shoe at Voga-now. With the effortless styling and a deluge of options, you’re rest assured to fall in love with a couple of them. We’ve narrowed down the quirkiest slip-ons that will breathe life to your wardrobe with their tongue-in-cheek, unapologetically fashionable designs!

3D Prints
3D prints are pretty much in vogue, be it apparel or accessories. It has brought in a fresh wave of innovation on the runways, inspiring a lot of home-grown brands too to experiment it out. Unlike apparels that you might find edgy, 3D print shoes are the coolest thing that you can add to your wardrobe. These are a refreshing break from your quotidian nine to five mode. From a colorful bull dog to different animal skins, these 3D print shoes will stir your outfit up into something sprightly.


Unconventionally Classic – Embroidered Slipons
As for the men who are least experimental with their style, we suggest you to go for some subtle embroidered shoes instead of fancy prints and textures. The baroque slipons are quite stylish in their appeal and extremely vibrant with the intricately woven motifs adorning the upper. Quirkily handcrafted patterns are a legit trend that has spread its wings in men’s fashion too and without a doubt, men love it! This one will considerably pack a punch of offbeat elegance to your outfit. Unlike printed shoes, embroidered slip-ons can work with traditional outfits as well so you might as well double your game with a single pair. Check out some of the exclusive options to satiate your fashion longings.

Party shoes are often underestimated and served as an afterthought but let me tell you, party shoes play a significant role in taking your look a notch higher hence you must keep a couple of party pairs handy and separate from the rest of your shoes. Our version of party pairs is fancier than any other shoe that you would have owned. Studded shoes can really add a party element to your look and quirk it up a notch. Also, these shoes are a quick fix when you can’t decide on what to wear at last-minute invitations; these shoes will make you stand out of the crowd!

Get your hands on our meticulous new-ins and be a part of the everyday fashion parade! To get your favourite Voga-Now styles inscribed or customized connect with us on WhatsApp at +91-8699007809. (T&C Apply).


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