Must Have Shoes in a Man’s Closet

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jun 14, 2016

Must Have Shoes in a Man’s Closet

Men have to walk with their family, run for their needs, support them to grow higher and hold them forever. A man has to act as a boyfriend to his wife and make her feel special, has to be friendly to his growing children, he needs to hold his parents in their second childhood, be helpful to his neighbors and also should accompany his friends. With multiple roles to play and fulfill every expectation, a man needs to be on his feet, on his toes. And so we suggest the best and Must Have shoes for Men to help him execute his role in the best way possible, with convenience at its best and comfort at large.

For a Good Lover, Partner & Husband

Leather Flip-flops

A man has to run after his wife for getting his work done, has to run for his wife, to do her work. To be available for her in time, you need a footwear that is easy to wear and comfortable to run in. Leather Flip Flops are the basic Footwear Styles a man should have in his closet, to make himself available in seconds, for his princess. You can carry it to your vacations to Goa as well.

Leather Ankle Boots

Every couple needs WE time away from home. Elope with your love to a jungle, go for trekking, hold her when she is slipping and enjoy the bliss of nature. Ankle Boots will give your feet the strength to stand straight and be confident of your steps. The Tan Color Ankle Leather Boots are lightweight for a love jingle in a jungle.
For a Buddy Daddy

Brune Suede Leather Boots

Kids are always fond of Daddies who look younger by the day. Walk in style with your stylish kid to his/her Parent Teachers Meeting and impress your child’s teachers.  The Brown Suede Leather Ankle Boots look classy with rectangular self-design pockets on the ankle sides and suits all types of apparel that men wear.

Bareskin Leather Sneakers

It’s play time with kids. Wear trendy and colorful sneakers like them and lace them up step by step while you are teaching the same to your child. The Two Toned Leather Sneaker Shoes in Tan color and white color sole looks amazing. Your every kick on the football with go for a Goal. The Ankle Length of the shoes gives it a Boot like look, making it even more fashionable.

For an Ideal Son

Jalsa Jutties

You can never say no to your Mom, nor can you say no to take her to a Jagrata or a Mandli Milan. And obviously you will have to wear Indian Kurta Pyjama. Just light up your mood and jazz up your outfit with Jalsa Jutties and the agenda of the Mandli will turn upside down. Beige, Blue, Brown; pick anything for your Jalsas. You have a choice in sole color too “ Blue, black, green, red, orange and more. Enjoy the variety every time you step out.

Bareskin Double Monk Leather Slip On Shoes

Follow your father’s footsteps. Walk behind him on his path, following the way he walks, the way he dressed up and the type of shoes he wore. The Double Monk Leather Slip On Shoes is inspired from the good olden days with a contemporary twist of Fringes on the top and having quality at its best.

For the Office Chaos

Brune Formal Leather Slip Ons

A long commute to office and a long drive after that does not end until you are back home to see a smiling family. Until then to keep you going, keep your feet happy with Formal Leather Slip Ons that are easy to wear and more easy to remove. The Black color, low heel and rectangular front makes the shoe look so simple yet revolutionary.

Brune Oxford Brogue Leather Formal Shoes

To Lead is not an attribute, it’s an attitude. And leaders set the standard very high. To set your standards at work wear Oxford Brogue Leather Formal Shoes at your workplace. This Tan double tone leather shoe with a black sole is classy enough to impress your partners and dependable enough for your clients to trust you. You can wear it to parties too, be it personal of official.

For a Social Animal

Leather Sandals

Human beings are social animals. We are more bothered about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Mr Sharma and Mr. Verma are heading for a morning tea outside and you would not want to miss it in lacing up your shoes, nor do you want to wear flip-flops. Then Leather Sandals are your best and must have footwear in your collection. The soft leather cuddles your feet and relaxes you while you are sipping the hot tea.

Brune Monk Single Strap Leather Formal Shoes

Weekdays are at office and weekends are busy attending parties. Sometimes it’s your friend’s wife’s birthday, sometimes it’s your wife’s friend’s birthday. Wear any outfit; bottom it up with Burgundy colored Monk Single Strap Formal Leather Shoes to give a gossip topic to the guests in social parties.

For a Friendly Hangout

Leather Loafers

Chill out with your friends in Leather Loafers. These are casual and classic at once. The Blue Soft Leather Moccasins goes well with any Cotton trouser or a Jean. You will easily slip into nostalgic college days, when you slip into these.

Bareskin Velvet Slip Ons

A loafer with a tassle twist will turn your life. This velvet slip on in dual shades of green will only keep you calm and your feet healthy. Your friends will only follow you and your fashion after seeing this Bareskin shoe that you own.

For He & Himself

Flat Sole Slip On

Live life king size, live for your own sometimes. This Flat Sole Slip Ons with Lion and Crown design in golden on Velvet shades of shoes effuse your attitude towards life wherever you go.

Calf Leather Boots

A lonely bike ride is all you need, when you want to meet yourself and feel the wind in your hair. Pull up your jeans and fold your sleeves, turn the key and start your ride. This journey of pleasure will be never ending in the strong Calf Leather Shoes in Tan Color with single strap ending into a steel buckle. The ankle length keeps you straight and the strap buckles strengthen your feet to go on and on.

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