Loafers Shoe Guide

by Sunny Rattanpal on Dec 23, 2016

Loafers Shoe Guide

Fashion and personal grooming is longer confined to women. Men too have become conscious of their looks and are ready to experiment with look and style. It is no longer a women’s domain. The men’s range of style products includes clothes, accessories like watches, mobiles, bags, hair styles, glasses, ties, some even go as far as wearing jewelry.

Among all these products, footwear plays a big part in the style and fashion of men. A range of options are available for men, from formal leather shoes, sandals, sneakers, flip-flops and whole other designs. There are many trends that come and go, obviously inspired by movie starts, sports heroes, at time even political leaders. The internet is an easy source of pictures and images that are carried all over the world and for people to study closely. It then becomes easy for the people to copy or improvise on the look that the photos project.

History of Loafers

There are many stories about the origin of these shoes. It was in London that one of the first designs of loafers was introduced by Wildsmith Shoes. The loafers owe their origin to a humble house shoe which was first designed for England’s King George VI. They were designed for the royal family and the landed gentry to be worn at home. After they were introduced in London, called as the Wildsmith Loafer, they have gained popularity in the world and are definitely part of footwear collection of men and women.

There is another viewpoint that loafers owe their origin to Native Americans who used to wear the moccasins. Of course, they have evolved, as do all products, in style and look. Though they are meant for casual wear when they were introduced, they have become popular and have evolved into many different styles and looks.

There are loafers that are very dressy and are worn on very special occasions. The loafers that are designed today look very different from what the Native Americans used to wear.

Being a must-have item in the armor of men’s footwear, loafers are leather shoes that are shaped like a moccasin and have a flat heel. Designed as a step-in shoe, they are very convenient to put on when you are going for a get-together that is casual as they are designed without shoe laces. They are also referred to as slip-ons as you can slip them on your feet on your way out, a very quick and easy way. Loafers also have separate soles, do not carry any embroidery, bead work or any other ornamentation unlike moccasins.

Over the years, loafers have become very popular, surely something to do with its style and ease of wearing them. The increasing popularity of loafers among men has ensured that designers have taken a note of its popularity and are constantly coming up with designs, patterns, colors and styles that are contemporary and keep pace with fashion trends in the world.

Loafers come in a variety of colors. There is the burnished olive polish with mustard tinge, the wine polish which looks like the deep red color-wine, the steel-blue polish, dark brown, black, the ever popular tan finish in many shades, and the red polish. They also come in more vibrant colors like blues and reds. The range of finish and polish in loafers being offered is so exhaustive that they can be worn by men of any age, with any ensemble and any occasion. Loafers come in plain designs for the more subdued look and in perforated designs for the more flamboyant, outgoing personality.

They are also made in two materials, leather and suede. Each of them, have their own charm and need to maintain them. Just as the loafers are comfortable, easy to wear and use, they do need some maintenance. You need to clean and polish them regularly. The leather loafers last longer and are harder than the suede ones. The suede also don’t get along with moisture and care needs to be taken to make sure that you protect them well, which means you can wear them in warmer chimes.

The different types of loafers that are available are tasseled loafers, the tassels on these shoes are held in place by leather strands. Then there are the Belgian loafers with a small bow on top. Then there are the black loafers with a gold horse shoe, the look and style made it to the formal wear category. There are Penny loafers with leather strap across cut out big enough to hold a penny, loafers with serrated seam and vertical stitching on toe.

The Penny loafers are versatile in the sense that you can pair them with a dressy outfit or a casual outfit and they will look right in place. When you are going for a casual look but with a little polish, then Penny Loafers it is.

The Tassel Loafers are made popular by the American actor, Paul Lukas, known for his style and flamboyance, these leathers shoes are one of the most popular loafers. They are made from least-porous leather, they are very durable.

The Horsebit Loafer is associated with luxury and class, it sports a brass strap in the form of a horse snaffle, and it compliments formal attire. You can put together a modern look, a breezy cool summer look, a formal elegant look or a dressy style; loafers are a must-have accessory for creating the looks. It is an embodiment of practicality and style.

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