Guide to Going Sockless this Summer!

by Sunny Rattanpal on Mar 15, 2019

Guide to Going Sockless this Summer!

With the sun heating the pavement and the afternoons turning a bit warmer, the idea of pulling socks up your sweaty ankles is quite gruesome. As soon as it will be summer, decking up sockless will give you all the freedom *feels* – slide into the shoes, roll up your sleeves and feel the breeze!

Also, straying right into the runway trends, men are showing a lot of ankle this summer – as it is the comfiest way to dress down a suit. And since the trend of swapping socks for skin has become in line with the rise in mercury, many have been calling peak-mankle on the trend. But before you chuck those socks already, the specifics of how to do it are still confusing. And if you’re not there yet, don’t fret – here are a few tips from Voga-Now for the right moves to nail the look without scarifying foot comfort.

1. Choose the right shoe.

 You’re not wearing open-toed shoes. (Chuck those socks even as an option, if you are.)

Sliding into the shoes with the lowest ankle line possible will always get you there in style – that’s why loafers and slip-ons are the talk of summer season. They’re summery yet sensible – offering your ankles see the light of the day without making your feet clammy.

2. Think about material.
If the lightweight shoes don’t help too much, re-consider your footwear material. A flexible material like supple leather always feels better than a stiff one and perforated leather will give a breathing space to your toes. Step into more casual options with the classic canvas sneakers and low-cut moccasins in soft leather as they are a fair game as long as it blends with the rest of your look.

If the idea of going sockless with actually wearing socks (no-show, of course) does not impress you, then these shoes will sure make you master the art of going sockless.

Slide-in Slippers
Slide-in slippers are, and will always be, the go-to summer style for every fashion forward man. Our handcrafted and embroidered slide-in slippers are much better than your flip-flops and lend oodles of elegance to any casual outfit that you decide to wear. The best part is, it doesn’t even require socks and free your feet to rejuvenate the fresh air. For your off-duty callings, when on holiday or out and about shopping, these are the shoes that you’ll be relying on.

Mules have been ruling the men’s fashion scene for quite some time now. We’ve seen them in every variety in terms of the colour, material and design, these mules are anything but ordinary. They have risen as a men’s fashion favorite and come with no baggage of managing it. You simply have to slip in and let your feet breathe while looking absolutely stunning in a pair of leather mules.

Sandals are another summer-friendly option that you can go for if you’re not already convinced to go sock-free. These not only keep your feet from the sweaty insoles but also create a grip for your feet with back straps. As light as feather, you can definitely ditch the troublesome shoes for this one. For a yacht party, you need one of these sandals to perfect your style.

Jalsa Juttis
For occasions that call for ethnic dress-up, you don’t have to trade your comfort for style. Our velvet Jalsa juttis are supremely stylish and versatile; they wouldn’t only complement your kurta-pyjamas but also indo-western outfits. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself, our uber trendy variety of Jalsa’s will have you drooling over every piece!

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