Explore our Exquisite TO BE LAUNCHED Shoes & Bags

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jul 04, 2019

Explore our Exquisite TO BE LAUNCHED Shoes & Bags

Whoever said men’s accessories have limited options hasn’t really dug deep. Leather accessories are a timeless staple that never go out of style. Now with the influx of fashion trends, we don’t think there could be anything more elegant than a leather shoe and accessory to zest up your wardrobe. Not only are they sturdy but impeccably stylish and, without a doubt, they reign the supreme. Since it’s the end of summer and our feeds are filled with crazy reductions, we thought to make it delectable for you here at Voga-Now!

With our freshly released #TBL series, you’ll never stop being exclusive because we’ve got you covered on the styles that no one has seen before.  More so, this series has a huge variety of collections in shoes and bags which will never run you out of options. Amazing, isn’t it?

Slip-ons and Mules

Quirk up your wardrobe with quirky prints and invigorating hues of the season! These shoes have the ability to flip your entire look and add oodles of fun to your not-so-colorful ensembles. What’s more? We’re launching them in different color combinations and styles, from slip-ons to slides and mules, imagination is the only possibility here. Choose your go-to style and add sass to your basics. We’ve created the reference designs exclusively for you that will make it easier to make a choice.

Duffle Bags and more…

For times when you want to travel light yet look stylish, duffle bags come to your rescue. They have enough space to carry your essentials and much chic to make everyone envious. Duffle bags have proven to be the most comfortable and coveted travel bags when it comes to leather.

Our #TBL collection hoards an array of duffle bags and backpacks in the brightest colors possible, available in 8 different shades. These bags will surely breathe life into your summer wardrobe and you’ll be hard pressed to deny them. Check out these bags in blissful colors and set the style statement straight up chic. Book yours now in your favorite color!

Love these styles? Be the first one to place your order! You can place your order in advance without any extra charges. Hop on board today!

Even if you’re not shopping for yourself, you can get creative with your gifting ideas by gifting your closest friends or family an exclusive piece of leather accessory. So be the first one to grab what you love.

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