Effects of Using Faux Leather on the Environment

by Sunny Rattanpal on Nov 01, 2019

Effects of Using Faux Leather on the Environment

Faux leather – Why you should stop using it right now

You’ve often heard the word ‘faux’ or ‘vegan’ leather and many of you must have also purchased it without knowing the very adverse impact it leaves on the environment. Let us break it down to you, these faux or artificial leathers are made from plastic materials and the commonly used ones are the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). These materials consist of the most toxic ingredients on Earth and that is petroleum and chlorine which are non-degradable and they live under the soil forever. You can’t simply get rid of plastic if you’re using a faux leather product, which contributes the most to the catastrophic conditions we’re living in.

It might appear to you like a sweet deal, the leather shoe or jacket that you’ve been drooling over wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket and no animals were harmed. But my dear friends, have you ever realized that every bit of plastic that has been manufactured so far is still in existence? Apart from its harmful effect, there’s no way that your PU or PVC leather is going to last for more than a couple of years. Only a year or two later you will notice that a leather patch has started coming off your jacket eventually making its way out of your closet.

Genuine Leather – Why you SHOULD use genuine leather

We’re abreast of the fact that the industrial tanning process is bad for the environment and there’s no argument on that. But a leather product would last for years and any product which lasts longer than a decade is always better for the planet. We must know that.

The leather produced from our tanneries is 100% veg tanned which means our leather does not go through a series of chemicals which pollute the environment to a great extent, instead we resort to processes that are natural and comparatively less harmful, the naturally tanned leather which comprises edible vegetable oils etc. which doesn’t go on polluting the water and air.

The timelessness and style of a genuine leather product, be it a shoe, bag or a jacket is beyond words. It is a lifetime investment and you simply cannot deny its sturdiness.

Just like you take care of yourself, your leather goods call for serious care and nourishment from time to time. Always use leather conditioners to nourish it before you keep them in your shoe closet and always keep your leather accessories stuffed with old newspapers when not in use so that it doesn’t lose its shape.

Think wise, choose genuinely.

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