Celebrate Independence Day in Camouflage Designs from Voganow

by Sunny Rattanpal on Aug 12, 2016

Celebrate Independence Day in Camouflage Designs from Voganow

Celebrate Independence Day in Camouflage Designs from Voganow

Celebrate the 70th Independence Day with our 100% genuine and unique camouflaged leather products. They are smart and handsome and can be paired with any ensemble made of any fabric and color. They look every bit rich, masculine, sturdy and in vogue. They are a must have for every season and for every occasion.

But before we go on to talk about our priced collection, let’s delve a bit into the origin and history of camouflage pattern and how it went on to become today’s fashion statement.

What is Camouflage?

In the literal sense, camouflage is a combination of materials, colors or illumination used for disguise. The majority of camouflage methods aim for concealment, often through a general resemblance to the surrounding nature, with disruptive coloring, eliminating shadow or by counter shading. Animals like chameleons and octopus have been major source of inspiration in this field where they change their skin color and pattern to camouflage themselves to resemble their surroundings and protect themselves from the outside world, mostly predators.

The Evolution of Camouflage

Camouflage has been a topic of interest and research in zoology for more than a century now. As per Charles Darwin’s natural selection theory, camouflage evolved by providing every animal species with a reproductive advantage and to protect themselves from their predators.

In the world war I, French army hired professional artists to create a camouflage scheme like tree observation posts which was soon followed by other countries and in world war II, clothing of military men were experimented with dual color camouflage. They were dyed dust brown on top and sky blue below. Later in 1945, almost all the military equipment, their buildings and positions were being camouflaged. As the time passed many textile patterns for different terrains were introduced.

From there on, there was more research into disruptive coloration, self-decoration, counter shading and illumination for different digital camouflage prints.

Camouflage entry into the Fashion World

Camouflage influenced the fashion world from World War I. In the early 1960s and 1970s people wore camouflaged outfits for war memorials. Military camouflage patterns became an inspiration as people started recognizing these prints with fitness and masculinity. In the recent times fashion designers have started using the camouflage fabric and patterns for their striking designs and disordered pattern symbolism.

Classy Camouflaged Bags

They are light as feather but super strong. Our signature camouflage printed bags can be used everywhere. Right from picnics to sleep overs to world travelling, they will be an uber cool accessory for you to flaunt and carry. It doesn’t matter whether you are going for an office meeting in a formal business suit or to play golf with your friends in casual slacks, these trendy and elegant bags are sure to match your style standards and make a fashion statement for you

Office Laptop Briefcase

A vegetable tanned hand painted burnished camouflage brown leather camouflage laptop briefcase by Brune speaks of eternal beauty and style. It is an ultimate office accessory that features a touch of royal velvet and top quality matt hardware. It has pockets in the front and back for easy access to your laptop or mobile accessories. It has a removable shoulder strap with comfortable handles to protect you from shoulder sprains. It boasts of additional internal pockets to carry your work essentials and other tech devices which will help you work on the move in style. This bag matches well with both formal and informal ensembles.

And if you need only a camouflage laptop sleeve , that is also available with in camouflage pattern.

Cross-Body City Bag

An ever stylish and contemporary cross-body camouflage velvet city bag by Brune made in camouflaged velvet and vegetable tanned hand painted leather is a natural eye stopper. It features a strong cross-body handle with a buckle for length adjustment, two zipper pockets on the front and back for easy access for your immediate needs or additional storage. It looks trendy with your casual jeans or on semi formals.

Travel Backpack

Bareskin’s cool and rugged camouflage leather travel backpack is designed in a camouflage print to last a lifetime. The ergonomically designed backpack features special anti-sweat aerospace mesh and heavily padded adjustable shoulder straps to help you during your adventurous trekking or rock climbing. Shiny nickel hardware is added to accentuate its sporty look. There is an additional spacious front pocket for easy access for your nitty gritties

Non-Strolley Duffle Bag

Resolute in strength and durability, Bareskin’s duffle bag has been explicitly designed in a sturdy camouflaged canvas and 100% genuine trimmed full grain tan leather to create the most durable duffel bag available today. It features removable and adjustable shoulder straps and base studs at the bottom for added protection. It also has an additional side shoe pocket for separate storage and shiny nickel hardware to complete the look. Planning to hit gym after office hours, carry this trendy duffel bag to your office with style.

Cabin Luggage Strolley Bag

Bareskin’s lightweight yet strong and durable camouflage printed canvas Camouflage brown strolley Bag with vegetable tanned leather is as classy as it can get. It features a three way retractable trolley handles and is cabin compatible. It has cotton twill lining to make it ever durable and expandable. Now you can travel the world in style with this trendy camo print Strolley Bag.

Stylish and Cool Camouflaged Shoes

Camouflaged Brogue Shoes

A pair of hand finished tan burnished camouflaged velvet Tan burnished leather brogue Shoes with 100% genuine leather by Brune radiates true class. These shoes have rubber soles and extra padded insoles for additional comfort. They perfectly gel with any semi-formal business suit and are very snazzy when paired with casuals like jeans.

You can find this trendy pair of formal shoes in camouflaged olive green too.

Double Monk Strap Camouflaged Olive Green

Brune has expertly designed this double monk strap formal shoes in hand finished olive green colored leather. They are made in camouflaged velvet in combination with 100% genuine leather. They have rubber soles and extra padded insoles with gunmetal finished hardware.

You can find this alluring pair in tan burnished color too.

Camouflage Brown Slip Ons

A Stylish pair of camouflage printed velvet slip ons have been artistically designed by Bareskin. They are made in 100% genuine leather with a soft and supple finish. These are available in olive green camouflage print with black, brown and blue tassels and a lining.

Liked our unique camouflage collection at Voganow? Travel in style and let the world know that you a guy with a rich fashion taste with these classy shoes and bags. Shop Now!

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