A Bag Gift for Mother’s Day

by Sunny Rattanpal on May 09, 2016

A Bag Gift for Mother’s Day

Do we all need to celebrate Mother’s day? Well a mother is the first person we see when we come to life. Mother is the first word we speak when we start learning to talk. When in pain we just remember her. She lives in every breathe of ours and our every breath is hers. In that essence every day is a mother’s day. But a special day in her honor has been designated to express what we feel for her. This is just a simple shout out to all those mothers who work selflessly for their children. It is observed on the second Sunday of May every year.

So, what can you gift your Mom on this Mother’s Day – Cards, Smartphone, Clothes, Footwear or Bags? While everything you would gift your Mom, she would love it and keep forever, this time, gift her something to store her things and carry them wherever she goes. She always needs to have so many things with her when she goes out. Her contention is that she may never know when or what her children might need. The best gift to get your Mom excited would be bags. She can carry all the things she needs for her multitasking chores. Ladies can go crazy and love to have a wardrobe full of bags as much as clothes.

Bags are one of the most versatile Fashion accessories for women. The bags need to match their outfit, jewelry, footwear and the colors. Leather bags are evergreen and will make your decision making for gifting ideas for your Mother easy on this Mother’s Day. Leather Bags go well on all types of Fashion, Indian, Ethnic, Western, Corporate, in a party and for many more occasions. You can find amazing Leather Bags Collections at some premium online stores.

Here are some awesome bags which you can consider for Mother’s Day Gifting Ideas for your Mom.

Hand Bags – Ladies Grey Yellow Leather Purse


This is a cute little peppy leather Handbag that your Mom can carry anywhere she goes. The combination of yellow and Grey goes well with most of the Girly colors. While the grey Flap in the front gives a very Sporty new look, the small sized handles gives a Hand Bag feel. The perforated design on the Yellow Base will definitely make your mom look like a fashionista when she is carrying it to her Kitty Parties, visiting friends or going for shopping. The bag looks small but is quite spacious to dump her lipsticks, Eye wear, Spectacles, Keys, Wallet, Handkerchief, and everything else without which she can’t step out of home.

Hobo Bags – Black Ladies Leather Hobo Bags

If your Mother is a simple Housewife, who doesn’t like to be too loud with colors then a Black Hobo Leather Bag is just perfect to define her Style Statement. This classy Leather Hobo Handbag with abstract design in the center across the length of the bag is very appealing. With simplicity in design and the classic tailoring of the leather this bag stands out in a crowd making your Mom look and feel unique, just like she is!

Clutch – Green Ladies Leather Clutch

If your Mom loves to wear Sarees, then she would undoubtedly love this Pastel Green Color Ladies Leather Clutch. The color finish is so soothing and in style that it goes well with sarees and on smart Kurtis too. It can be carried not just with the same Green color attire, but looks awesome with Whites, Blacks and different shades of Greens and Pink. If she doesn’t wear the same color attire as her accessories, the color of Footwear, accessories and clutch can be matched for a complete deck up. The magnet opening of this Clutch makes it look very expensive and high profile. Your Mom is gonna beam with pride about you to the whole world for this beautiful gift.

Shopping Bags – Versatile Women Leather Shopping Bags

Who doesn’t love shopping? Your Mom loves it too. On this Mother’s Day, encourage your Mom to shop for herself. Gift her a Versatile Women Leather Shopping Bag and your Credit card. Take her on a shopping spree. This bag in Hot Pink looks really chic and easy to carry. The not so long and not too short handles of the bag make it very convenient to hand it on the shoulders too. The handles have stitches along with the body of the bag and can carry quite a weight. An additional zipped compartment gives her a safe place to keep bills, phone and keys separately that might otherwise get lost in the depth of the bag under the shopped items.

Sling Bag – Women’s Brown Leather Shoulder Sling Bag

Mothers are now setting Fashion Trends themselves. They are giving competition to young girls in Fitness, Beauty, Job Commitments, Fashion and in every other sphere of life. You thought Sling bags are only for little, teenage girls? Your Mom can carry it well too with all the modesty. Before she herself gets her a Sling, amaze her with this Chocolate Brown Leather Sling Bag that she can Carry for her mundane vegetable Shopping, for her evening Walk, to Temples and whenever she steps out of Home. It stores everything she wants in well-organized compartments and will never mess up things for her.

Satchel – Simply Red Ladies Leather Satchel Bag

Red color is every woman’s Must Have. Spice up your Mom’s Hand Bag Collection with a simple Red Ladies Leather Satchel Bag. It’s Big enough for every Mom who ends up keeping her Husband’s Wallet, her daughter’s make up kit and son’s watch in her Handbag while on vacation. Gift a satchel to your Mom and plan a vacation soon. She might want to flaunt this Red Bag and post pictures on Facebook, tagging you.

Office Bag – Brune Tan/Black Saffiano Leather Bag

Mom’s are multi taskers. They do everything for everyone, every time. Today’s Moms are Tech Savvy and plan life better than before for the entire family. And yes they are the entrepreneurs of the world and the best performers at their offices. For a Smart Mother get a smart Tan Color Leather Laptop Bag to celebrate the success of motherhood.

With so many options in leather hand bags, you need to only map your Mom’s requirement and pick up trending Leather Bags. Quickly order one for your Mom, as Mother’s Day is almost here. With so many payment options it is easy to book online as well and compare prices. Visit for your Mother’s Gift, for a Leather Bag.

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