Buy Double Monk Strap Shoes Online

Double the strap and better the look. To enhance the Monk Strap Shoes Design for Men, two straps are tailored onto the shoe, with two steel buckles at the end of the strap. You’ll find colors like Sky Blue, Blue, and Burgundy other than the usual Tans, Browns and Blacks to choose from. Adding to the color essence, the Double Tone on the shoes looks splendid and revamps your entire outfit.

Apart from full leather shoes, we have a combination of leather and velvet which will make your decision making easy when you are in a fix of leathers vs velvet for your footwear for this wedding season. Mobile Accessories in Velvet too will surely amp up your wedding style. We have footwear solutions for all your occasions at Voganow, don’t miss out on our Double Monk Strap Formal Shoes. Shop Now!

Monk strap Double