All That You Need To Know About The New Age Shoes!

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jan 28, 2020

All That You Need To Know About The New Age Shoes!

We’re past the fact that leather shoes are the strongest wardrobe staple for men. To match up with the pace of life, work shoes play a pivotal role. Thereby, they need to be chosen with extra care and caution. Here is a new-fashioned footgear which defines class and comfort. The ultra light leather whips are absolutely going to stun you with their feather weight and sheen look. Brisk walks during work hours won’t wear out your soles because of the well cushioned layer at the shoebase. The official habiliment suffers no sidelining due to the ideal leather texture of the shoes. These comfy shoes could easily accentuate your looks on an event day, a small gathering or a date night. Let’s have a look at some worthy fits for your arsenal:

The Zardosi artwork

These light weighted boots could be the best match for an open collar getup. The zardosi embellishment on the sides enhances the look without overdoing it. The fashionnovas should definitely give it a try, its suave, stylish and extremely comfortable. The soothing sole texture makes sure to keep you going all day long without feeling fatigued.

Bedecked boots

Boots have been topping the fashion news for quite some time now. These shoes won’t feel too much around your feet because of their light weight and snug fit. The elegant metal monogram sets them apart making them more delectable by affixing a tinge of pop fashion. Slim fitted chinos definitely make for a terrific look with these boots. These tan textured high ankles are the judicious picks of the season for you!

Tasseled sheen

These handcrafted slip-ons are all that you need for upping your formal game! The apposite blend of wine and black imparts pure elegance to the tasseled shoes. Croco styled leather is another factor which takes them to a top notch level of grandeur. The light weight soles merely feel anything around your feet, hence keeping them at ultra ease. A business suit would be aesthetically fetching with this gorgeous pair.

Cozy sneakers

Leather sneakers are one of a kind when it comes to accessorizing your day look. These well built shoes are spot on. The cushioned soles make your feet feel light and pleasant whole day. Neutral brown makes them fit for any occasion and outfit. Pair them up with comfortable pants for that inevitably stylish turnout.

Trendy sneakers

Sneakers are an undoubtedly amazing option for a day out! These shoes have soles lighter than that of usual sneaker shoes. They can get you going for the whole day without stressing on your soles. The diamond stitched leather texture gives an unmatchable appeal to the sneakers. These shoes could be easily paired with semi formals or casuals for an exceptional mien. The colour variants available in these pairs are all very trendy and unique. We give a thumbs-up to these ones for your next shopping spree.

Leather shoes are always a wise selection. When they come in super light weight form, they become paramount! Check out our lightweight collection here:

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