Signature shoes: Staple for a sharp dresser

When they say a man is known by the shoes he wears, they absolutely mean it. Which actually makes sense – as for many, a well-dressed man is all about good clothes and slick hair. Instead, showing off a stylish pair of shoes is the most effortless way to help you stand out the rest. It speaks for your sophistication and proves that you are a true fashion-forward. That being said, your footwear collection doesn’t have to be vast, just make sure that you own a few key-styles to get you on your feet for anything that comes looking up your way.

Versatile leather shoes

Black leather shoes mean ‘getting to business’and serve as the safest option. Opt for a shade of brown leather shoes and make a contrast with hints of blue or black attire to give your smart leather shoes the center-stage without any distraction. As with any good shoes, there are some staples that are veritable life-saver – with adding some of these styles alone, you can have a solid rotation to elevate your overall appearance. Everything ranging from leather loafers to leather sneakers, monk-straps to brogues, and boots to slippers, our leather shoes are does-it-all shoes good to go with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Switch up your style

Leather boots add a different dimension to any ensemble and give a break from your everyday footwear. While lace up boots is the wildest option to dramatically up your style quotient, it’s for their lace less and slide-on style that Chelsea leather boots are technically smart for a more formal look. Go with slim-fit or skinny jeans to accentuate your high points when wearing leather boots. And, if that’s just not your thing, footwear lovers have something to tell – leather slippers is a winning choice to get you through the longer days at work. Given that you’ve come this far now, you might get away with wearing same old shoes everyday but you’ll never be forgiven for ignoring these quintessential styles. Whether you’re just searching for your first dress shoes or have a closet full, it’s always a must to have the right options. Browse through Voganow’s high-key fashion leather shoes and furbish your footwear collection to fit with any outfit.

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