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Precaution is better than cure. So, when you seek thrill for speed, be prepared with a Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket to face the unexpected and get away from being harmed by the vagaries of the weather. The Motorcycle Protector Fit Leather Jacket protects you from the neck to the waist while you are enjoying the wind. Apart from wearing a Helmet, Shoes, Knee Caps and Gloves, ensure you should wear a Leather Jacket to protect your upper body and don’t unzip it until you finish your ride.

The Protector Fit Bareskin Leather Jacket is designed for your convenience on bike and also to zip it Off and ON for varied temperature zones that you pass by. There is extra cushioning on shoulder and elbow to comfort your joints. The double slit sleeves, zipped cuffs and pockets can store all your stuff at ease. Get some comfy Velvet Slip Ons for after Ride parties and enjoy. Log on to and add it to your shopping cart before you gear up for your next bike ride. Buy your Leather Jacket today!

Protector Fit

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Black Motorcycle Leather Jacket for Men by Bareskin

  • Leather: BlackType: 100% Genuine Leather Hardware: Antique NickleClosing Type: Zipper
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