Buy Oxford / Brogue Shoes for Men Online

Men are not generally as talkative as women. Even in silence, the rhythm of their Shoe Heel showcases their moods and can make their presence felt. Brune Oxford Brogue Leather Formal Shoes are one such Classic Footwear Style for Men who don’t talk as much as they do. The Leather Finish is flawless with self-design and shaded colors. There are interesting shoe designs for those who like to have a velvet touch to their shoes. With Colors like Olive Green, Royal Blue, Red and Black combination, this shoe design serves to variety of style vexations of all ages.

Lace up your shoes with this classic Oxford-Brogue collection of heeled Men’s footwear at Voganow. Perfect for your big Day and best for all your formal wears and for every occasion prior and post your wedding. Pack in some comfy Bareskin Slip Ons in Velvet and a Brune Leather Wallets for polished wedding Shoe Back Ups. Shop Now!

Oxford/ Brogue