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Woolen Jackets and Coats from Bareskin would bring out the Hero in you for sure. For a holiday in Shimla or at any other hill station, your backpack must have a Woolen Jacket or a coat. And do not worry about selfies, these Jackets fit your body so well that it doesn’t make you look plump and your pictures come out fantastic making them worth sharing on social media instantly. We have Browns, Blacks, Olives and more colors of Woolen Jackets in store.

Bareskin has a variety of designs with different types of checkered patterns, single color and more. And yes, for those who love to wear sleeveless, we have a waistcoat - the sleeveless Woolen Jacket with a quick zip in collar for your busy lifestyle. Explore more holiday locations online, and come to Voganow today for the Woolen Jackets that suit your vacation. Don't forget to carry your Leather Backpacks & Travel Duffel Bags for a hassle free vacation. Get it Now!

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