About Brune:

Brune –The Timeless Craftsmanship. We are in the perpetual pursuit of achieving and upholding centuries-old traditional craftwork.

Our mission is producing quality products well known for their astounding polish and understated patina process that keeps getting better with beatable use. We take pride in the supreme quality of our hand painted products, which is why we treat our fashion conscious customers with a lifetime guaranty.

Being more than a leather fashion brand, we spawn premium handcrafted shoes and have years of experience in honing the craft of unique characteristics of leather- well burnishing edges and its 100% genuine essence. Every product of Brune is the project work of an uncompromising attitude and a penetrating radical approach towards superior quality, with an immovable attention to intricate details.

Today, Brune has an incredible artistry of furnishing the far-reaching range of men’s leather accessory for discerning individuals.


About The Products:

The Brune’s meticulous collection is made with painstaking care and utter perfection by our skilled craftsmen. The prime leather products border on shoes, bags and belts with guaranteed lifetime. The creators are called into action to dedicate their art to the making of burnishing and extremely high quality leather. All the products are fully lined with standard lining leather coupled with the best classic sole leather from the top-notch tanneries.

We believe in going beyond the ordinary and creating hand painted and handcrafted masterpieces in outstanding colors. Brune has been able to set its mark in the industry by creating pieces that are unique and have come to define our brand’s USP.

We create leather bags that are classics which never go out of style and our timeless innovations go far beyond what one can imagine. Our lush collection of leather bags pertaining to your travel, business and everyday needs are something that your wardrobe has been craving for.


Brune is one of the leading leather luxury brand, with a two-pronged focus on the best quality and design of the products. With an impeccable designing leadership at its helm, Brune- the crown jewel of Voganow, has experienced not only commercial success but also new industry recognition and welcome to the spotlight. The recurring revitalization of 100% genuine leather products has made Brune’s image square well with the new-age contemporary world, for the luxury consumers.





Brune’s high-end hand painted shoes and belts have touted the gleam of the B-town men and is reminiscent of their super sporty yet sophisticated spirit. The avant-garde Brune product line paints that nothing can beat the class of the fashion-forward brand and luxury, yet super functionality at the same. 

We are proud to have the Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli spotted in our luxury leather shoes and our fabulous duffle bag in some of the prime events.

From Bollywood, the reigning actor Ranveer Singh to the bigwig Hritik Roshan, the mind-boggling A-list celebrities are often spotted in Brune’s handcrafted leather dress shoes, in its own exclusive style with a dinstictive balance of sophistication and style.


Indian Cricket Team:

Witnessing the incredible winning streak of Indian Cricket Team, Brune takes pride in its richness and being trusted for its one-off performance by the champions.

We are extremely honored to accompany our “Men in blue” and be a part of their formal attire. Our biggest milestone in success include our custom made Brune belt and shoes, as attired by the Indian Cricket Team at South Africa Tour, Sri Lanka Tour and England Tour in 2018, with such grace and poise.

We look forward to walk along some more big moments of victory with the pack of wolf dominating the world!


Our goal is to provide the premium quality and a dapper variety of leather merchandise. We at Brune want you to experience superior products, before and especially after your purchase.  We aspire to offer Brune’s unique and collegiate products to our loyal fans worldwide.

Brune has its flagship store in Nepal that has earned a reputation for being amongst the finest men’s dress shoe destinations where you get to witness our entire range of quintessential dress shoes.

Media Coverage:

Big thanks to our team for bringing the brand to fruition!

We are excited to announce that we had the honor to be featured in the leading journals- The Man Magazine and GQ Magazine, unfolding our passion to find a unique and personal style through our cutting-edge products.

Witnessing our accomplishments, top-notch FHM Magazine has published our shoot with the Indian Cricket-fame Yuvraj Singh in our premium dress shoes. We had the opportunity to be featured in the Jet Wings International magazine displaying our top-of-the-line products chosen by the celebrities.