These Jackets Are Ruling The Fashion World

by Sunny Rattanpal on Jan 04, 2020

These Jackets Are Ruling The Fashion World

Trends and seasons might fade away, a leather jacket always prevails. There’s no perfect timing for donning this winsome accessory. Any day or any hour could be made more voguish by pulling on a sheen leather jacket.

Here’s a guide on the season’s picks for all the dapper men out there. These classic styles are surely going to woo you down with their cosmopolitan look. We have classified them according to the different occasions they can be chosen for:

For a breathtakingly royal appearance

A splendid choice for the opulent getup you’ve been dreaming of, this black fur leather jacket makes the apt integument. This one comes with clean lines and spare deets, having a front button closure, two large pockets and an elegant fur lined collar. A black fur coat is the safest option and an urban staple, fur jacket is usually spotted as an accessory of the beau monde! To save you from the extremities of winters, this jacket from Bareskin comes with a warm fleece that’ll keep you looking chic at the same time. Fur coats are doing rounds on social media as one of the new fashion picks of the luminaries. An excellent match for a cozy disposition, fur coats are a class apart addition to a man’s fashion arsenal.

For a party freak that you are

Wish to take your winter game to the topmost echelon? An alluring leather fur jacket does it for you effortlessly! This one imparts a stronger vibe to the overall getup. Structured shoulders, button closure, large pockets, fur lined collars, all work together to give you a statement look! Brown, being a neutral colour, could be paired with all sorts of casuals or semi formals. This one is a regal number with lustrous leather defining perfection. This piece from Bareskin is an unrivalled version of the fur jackets available in the market.

For the rugged look on a riding day

Worn by bikers, this style is the contemporary pick of the epoch. If you’re fond of riding bikes and wish to put on an iconic getup, this one is for you! Leather biker jackets can be paired with plaid shirts and casual pants. This black ensemble from Bareskin does all the justice to your winter fashion statement. It comes with padded sleeves for an extra comfort.

For the love of hoodies

If we consider the ongoing fashion trends, hoodie jackets have transformed into statement pieces chosen by elite civilians and celebs. This black leather jacket comes with a hoodie to add a coolness quotient to your mien. Just pick a blue denim to pair with this hooded raiment for a fascinating casual look! You can also go for slim fit chinos in neutral colours for a neat do. We’re sure this hoodie jacket won’t let you down!

Voganow has compiled the most sought-after leather jackets for you! Getting droolworthy designs at one place could save you from going out in this chilly weather. The genuine quality of leather that Bareskin has been using is making it quite favoured by all. Don’t forget to slay in our season’s picks. A leather jacket can never go wrong in styling you to be your unsurpassed version!

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