Accentuate your fashion statement with leather bags

Nothing sticks out more than a wrong bag regardless of how well dressed you are because your bag has the power to make or break your overall ensemble. Not to mention, that’s why a fashion forward man knows that his bag is not to be disregarded. With that in mind, whether it’s a work related event or a weekend day out, leather bags fit as one of the staples to underscore your personal style yet serve the purpose. As you have a lot to carry, make sure you buy leather bags that add both aesthetic and function to your wardrobe in equal measures.

Leather bags for everyday style

Packing all your essentials is any day the hardest part. But with bags combining functionality and style, you’re not that far.

Cross body Bag

Offering the most in comfort and a quick access to its single section, consider these leather bags if you find yourself carrying a lot on the daily. Expandable enough, they will room your essentials without the bulk getting your way. For business use, opt for a leather messenger bag suited well with your formals for a solid rotation.


Leather backpacks are the most ubiquitous bags of all time but it’s time to upgrade. Without a doubt, they are the go-to option for a casual day but for formal situations, it has to be the right type. Keeping that in mind, look for a leather backpack with muted color and rustic feel, and coordinate them with your leather shoes to make your entire ensemble look right in place.

Travel leather bags

The name explains it all – a bag for the getaways. These are the leather bags that are spacious and never get bulky.

Duffle bag

To say the least, duffle bags are the most stylish for those 3-day trips. They will fit all your clothes, plus an extra pair of shoes you don’t want to leave. Stray away from the wider versions if you find any at store. Instead, opt for sleek leather duffle bags with a modern minimalist style and throw on one of your favorite leather jackets for a proper outdoorsy vibe.


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Bags 33 Products

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  1. 50% OFF
    Bareskin Black Canvas Tan Leather Backpack With Draw String Closure
    As low as Rs.1,599.00 Regular Price Rs.3,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-227
  2. 60% OFF
    Bareskin Black Denier/Blue Leather Traveling Laptop Backpack/Laptop Bags For Men
    As low as Rs.2,799.00 Regular Price Rs.6,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-259
  3. Brune Classic Hi-Veg Tanned Hand Finished Leather Laptop Backpack With Golden Thick Hardware
    As low as Rs.19,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-321
  4. Brune Black Leather Backpack/Laptop Bag With Black Zip
    As low as Rs.19,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-321-BZ-01
  5. Brune Thin Zip Black Classic Hi-Veg Tanned Hand Painted Leather Backpack/Laptop Bag
    As low as Rs.19,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-321-SZ-01
  6. Brune Black Color Genuine Leather Duffle Bag For Men
    As low as Rs.11,999.00
    SKU: VNMO-341-01
  7. Brune Black Leather Flapover Messenger Office Bag
    As low as Rs.7,499.00
    SKU: VNGP-342-01
  8. Black Textured Leather Plain Flap Messenger Bag By Brune
    As low as Rs.7,999.00
    SKU: VNGP-348-01
  9. 40% OFF
    Lebanta | Black Leather Messenger Bag By Brune
    As low as Rs.4,199.00 Regular Price Rs.6,999.00
    SKU: VNGP-350-01
  10. 50% OFF
    Brune Black Leather Laptop Briefcase For Men
    As low as Rs.4,999.00 Regular Price Rs.9,999.00
    SKU: GKMO-013
  11. 35% OFF
    Black Numeric Push-Button Lock Leather Office Briefcase By Brune
    As low as Rs.6,499.00 Regular Price Rs.9,999.00
    SKU: GKMO-514-01
  12. Flapover Briefcase For Men By Brune
    As low as Rs.6,999.00
    SKU: VNGP-203

Bags 33 Products

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